Waterwise Tips for your Garden

Waterwise Tips for your Garden

In times of drought and water restrictions it can be easy to forget the garden! Don’t abandon it, we need green life to cool our homes and public spaces! Your plants need less water than you think. Here are some handy tips for being water wise in the garden.

Top 5 Tips:

  1. Be creative and water sensitive - capture and reuse your water on your garden (ie. place buckets in the shower & sink)
  2. Ensure you have healthy soils – healthy soils retain moisture for your plants.
  3. Choose the right plants for the right place and group plants with similar water needs together for more efficient irrigation.
  4. Mulch your garden to retain soil moisture and prevent weeds.
  5. Visit Poppy’s Home and Garden and talk to our horticulturists for more advice.

25th Nov 2019

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