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Landscape Design Developers Package

Subject to Quotation

The DEVELOPERS PACKAGE is to be used when your project requires submission to the Local Council for development approval. Poppy’s team can advise you on your requirements for Development Applications or Construction Certificates and prepare documentation to Councils required standard.

This package may include:

  • Planning meetings with architects, builders etc.
  • Development application compliant plans for submission to Council and allied Authorities
  • Detailed landscape and planting specifications
  • Site visits and professional collaborations as required
  • Multiple sets of documents as required for submission
  • Liaison with Council and Certification Inspectors at the required stages of the project

    Design fees are subject to site conditions and client requirements. A firm fee proposal is provided after initial site visit to assess the scope of work and site conditions

    For more information please contact Poppy's professional Landscape team on Ph: 49478255