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Landscape Design Starters Package

From $250

The STARTERS PACKAGE is a personal on-site service that gives you direct advice of where to start or what to do next for your landscape project

The package includes

  • an on-site consultation with an experienced qualified Landscape Design professional
  • a walk-through your property to discuss ideas, options and opportunities
  • discussion of further services and an overview of the Landscape Design process
  • horticultural advice on plant types and current maintenance issues

This package is a great for clients:

  • needing to get some ideas on how to begin or renew their landscape
  • who are time poor and need a quick and professional solution to landscape issues

    Design fees are subject to site conditions and client requirements. A firm fee proposal is provided after initial site visit to assess the scope of work and site conditions

    For more information please contact Poppy's professional Landscape team on Ph: 49478255