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Eucalyptus Grafted Wild Fire 300mm

Eucalyptus Grafted Wild Fire Flowering Gum is a spectacular small tree with a rounded dense crown of leaves. A profusion of vibrant red flowers appear in Summer and Autumn. Ideal as a specimen or feature tree.

Suited to a sunny position in well drained soil that is lime free. Water requirements are low once established.

Plants grafted onto specially selected rootstock ensures viability for growing in a wide range of soil types, improves disease resistance, guarantees flower colour and limits mature size.

All photos are a representation of the plant. Condition and maturity will depend on the season and availability of the plant.

All plants are only available for click and collect. We are unable to ship plants.

Before purchasing plants online we recommend that you call Poppy’s on Ph: 49478255 or email to confirm plant availability.

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