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David Austin Claire Austin Rose 250mm

The Claire Austin Rose has cupped buds of pale lemon that gradually open to form large, creamy white flowers of a typical English musk strong fragrance.  This rose produces elegant, arching canes with medium green foliage. One of David Austin's finest white roses to date it grows to 1.5m (h).

David Austin Roses (English roses) have a unique charm. This beautiful full petalled, fragrant bloom has an attractive shrubby appearance and will fit into any style garden. The roses can be cut for vases as the tight buds open inside releasing a wide range of fragrances.

All photos are a representation of the plant. Condition and maturity will depend on the season and availability of the plant. All plants are only available for click and collect. We are unable to ship plants. Before purchasing plants online we recommend that you call Poppy’s on Ph: 49478255 or email to confirm plant availability.

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