Aloe Hybrids

Written by Kaye Crane


Posted on March 02 2020

Just arrived at Poppy's... a stunning range of hybrid aloe! Perfect for gardeners and landscapers who want a new and unique high performance sustainable gardening solution. This range of hybrid produce spectacular top quality flowers, dramatic foliage and trendy architectural shapes.

Varieties available at Poppy’s Home and Garden include:

Aloe Always Red


Southern Cross


Mountain Gem




Why plant Aloe Hybrids?

  1. Colourful- Aloe Hybrids will put on a display of colour for much of the year, mainly from late summer, autumn, winter and early spring.
  2. Sculptural -  Striking bold and modern floral and architectural forms put them in the horticultural spotlight as plants of the future.
  3. Sustainable:  These plants are able to withstand the harsh Australian climate by storing water and food within swollen leaves and roots, easy to grow, resistant to disease and pests as well as being bird attracting.

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Aloe Hybrids at Poppy's Home and Garden Newcastle