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Poppy's Verandah Cafe

Breakfast 8am-11.30am

Egg’s Your Way $16
Free range eggs, house made tomato relish, sourdough & rocket
Poached, scrambled or fried

Smashed Avocado $24
Sourdough toast, avocado, roasted herb tomatoes, fetta, rocket, poached egg & balsamic reduction

Free Range Egg Omelette
- Grilled chorizo, garden herbs, baby spinach, black wax cheddar cheese, sourdough toast & relish $24

- Baby spinach, tomato, black wax cheddar cheese, garden herbs, sourdough toast & relish (v) $22

Bacon & Egg Roll $12
Fried free range eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese, house made tomato relish & milk bun

Poppy’s Fluffy Flower Pancakes $19
Butter milk pancakes (3), topped with chantilly cream, fresh strawberries,
maple syrup & rose petal praline

Eggs Benedict
- Bacon, baby spinach, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce & turkish toast 24
- Baby spinach, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce & turkish toast (v) 22

Poppy’s Gardener Breakfast $26
Poached free range eggs, bacon, roasted roma tomato, mushrooms, pork sausage, hash brown, relish & sourdough

Kids Breakfast
Pancakes with cream, berries & maple syrup $9
Eggs on toast (scrambled or fried) $9
Bacon & hash browns $9

Bacon $4.50
Pork Chipolata $4.50
Hash Brown $3.50
Roast Tomato $3
Mushrooms $3
Avocado $3.50
Eggs $4.50
Wilted Spinach $3

Thick white, turkish, sourdough, gf $3.50