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Camellia, Azalea and Gardenia

Camellia Japonica Camellia Japonica
The camellia is a hardy winter flowering plant that will give you beautiful flowers right through autumn, winter and into spring. Find out more
Volunteer Camellia Camellia Volunteer

The Volunteer Camellia has attractive anemone formed variegated flowers that open to a deep rich pink with white edges. Find out more

Gardenia Florida Gardenia Florida
Gardenia Florida is one of the most popular varieties of Gardenia due to its large, double milky-white flowers displayed prominently above dark green, glossy foliage. Find out more
Gardenia Magnifica Gardenia Magnifica
Gardenia Magnifica is one of the larger growing Gardenias. Find out more
Gardenia Radicans Gardenia Radicans

Gardenia Radicans are a low, spreading, evergreen shrub with deliciously scented double, white flowers. Find out more