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Bambino Bougainvillea Bambino Bougainvillea
Bambino Bougainvillea are a smaller growing bougainvillea, perfect in pots or for growing as a small hedge. They can grow to approx. 1.5m high and 1.5m wide and prefer a warm to hot position.
tricolour frangipani tree
Tricolour Frangipani Tree
Commonly known with several colour variations. Flowers are red & pink on the margins with a yellow eye and a pink throat.
Hot Pink/Cerise Frangipani Tree
A hard thick stemmed tree with wider foliage, intense hot pink flowers with tiny blood orange centre. Highly fragrant.
Bali Whirl Frangipani Tree
Worlds first double petaled frangipani. Highly scented with each of 10 petals, a vibrant, bright yellow with white edges.
Black Jack Red Frangipani Tree
Intense dark green foliage, almost black when new growth appears. Sweet scented dark blood red flowers.
Singapore White Frangipani Tree
One of the most popular known Plumeria. An evergreen tree that bears scented white flowers with a yellow/orange centre.
Climbing Frangipani Tree
A hardy climber with large fragrant cream flowers with a yellow centre, ideal for covering fences, walls and sheds.
Darwin Blood Red Frangipani Tree
A deep burgundy colour with star shaped petals. Fast growing and slightly fragrant.
Lulu Frangipani Tree
Unique large pale pink dark edged flowers with a beautiful yellow centred dot. Strong sweet fragrance.
Darwin Petite Pink Frangipani Tree
An evergreen true dwarf shrub, ideal for hedging and put culture. Highly scented "petite' pale pink flowers.