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Christmas Bush Christmas Bush
Ceratopetalum Albery’s Red (Xmas Bush) is an Australian native that produces a mass of white flowers in spring, followed by showy red flower bracts. Perfect for gardens and vases.
Emu Bush Emu Bush
Eremophila Spring Mist (Emu Bush) has stunning silver foliage and a weeping growing habit. It is hardy and beautiful with sprays of bright purple tubular flowers
Eucalyptus Silver Princess Eucalyptus Silver Princess
Eucalyptus Silver Princess is a striking small weeping tree with white coated branches that carry a profusion of large pink to red flowers with yellow tipped stamens. Perfect for smaller gardens, it thrives in a sunny position in well drained soil.
Ivory Curl

Ivory Curl
Ivory Curl Flower (Buckinghamia celsissima) is a large native evergreen tree with long showy sprays of sweetly fragrant creamy white flowers that bloom in summer. The flowers on this tree are spectacular and attract birds and insects.

Ivory Lace Lomatia Ivory Lace
Lomatia Ivory Lace is an Australian native plant and is commonly known as the parsley bush because of its crinkly foliage. This plant forms a low shrub of up to 1.5m high and wide. It has grevillea like white ivory flowers that are attractive to butterflies and bees. It prefers a sunny to shady position.