Landscape Clear Out

Written by Belinda Styles


Posted on October 24 2022

Poppy's Home and Garden have the following Landscape items for sale.  Pick up only from Poppy's.

Landscape Clear Out

2 x Very large bush rocks
Approx. 1.5m x 1.5m
$250 each

Cream Retaining Wall Blocks, Corner Blocks and Caps
Approx 1.5 pallets of mixed blocks
$100 the lot

Sydney Sand Bags 20kg
$6 per bag

Super Grey Stones Bulka Bags
1 bulka bag = 1 tonne
4 bags available
$800 per bag/tonne

River Pebble Bulka Bag 1 tonne

Blue Stone Organic Shaped Slabs
Approx 70cm-1m diameter
15 available
$100 each

Oversized River Pebbles
3/4 tonne/bag

Rio Concreting/Steel Mesh
$50 per sheet
2 sheets available - 3.3m x 2.8m