Support our Native Bees

Written by Belinda Styles


Posted on July 13 2022

Support or native bees by planting some flowers!

Biosecurity officials have imposed a strict ban on the movement of bees and hives in NSW after an outbreak of the parasite varroa mite near the Port of Newcastle.

Here is our top 10 plants for native bees:

  1. Abelia x grandiflora
  2. Buddleja
  3. Callistemon/Bottlebrush
  4. Daisies – Native and Exotic: Brachyscome, Bracteantha, Osteospermum, Erigeron
  5. Eucalyptus & Angophora Trees
  6. Grevillea
  7. Lavender
  8. Leptospermum/Tea Tree
  9. Melaleuca
  10. Westringia

Other ways to help support native bees and pollinators

  • Reduce insecticide use
  • Provide Nest Habitat  ie. Bee/Insect Hotels